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LABnPEOPLE partnered with Shiseido Group in Japan.. Pay attention to technology related to treatm

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Shiseido is recruiting Korean startups under the theme of 'Medical Beauty' through 'Innobranch', an open innovation platform owned by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA). ) announced on the 17th that it had decided to partner with.

LABnPEOPLE, selected as Shiseido's third-term partner, is a bio-startup that develops and manufactures bioabsorbable metal implants and new microneedle materials. It holds several patents on related technologies and is also a baby unicorn company selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. . In addition, it has not only attracted large-scale investment with excellent technology and business feasibility, but also operates a beauty brand called Snow2 Plus based on magnesium patches, a new material. The research team of LABnPEOPLE, which has been developing new bio materials for more than 17 years, has secured world-class expertise in the field of bioabsorbable alloys as ISO/TC and ASTM expert members. While developing a next-generation wearable patch, the research team developed a technology that is safe and improves drug delivery efficiency, and is expanding contracts with Daewoong Pharmaceutical and others in addition to Shiseido by developing products using only essential minerals for the human body.

This metal has passed the ISO10993 standard that determines biocompatibility such as cytotoxicity, skin reaction, and allergy. When it meets moisture in the skin, it is decomposed into hydrogen and magnesium ions to remove toxic active oxygen in the body and is used for cell activation. The new material market for biomaterials is expanding widely not only for treatment purposes such as medical, surgical operations and interventional procedures, but also for skin care purposes such as hair loss, wrinkles, and melasma, and global companies continue to release various solutions, showing outstanding growth every year. It is also a field that shows

CEO Cho Seong-yoon said, “I am very happy to be conducting joint research and development with Shiseido, a world-renowned beauty brand.”

Lee Jae-seung Medical Reporter / Doctor of Biomedical Engineering
Source: Global Economic Daily (
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