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LABnPEOPLE, drug delivery effect with microneedles that do not hurt even when stabbed

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Cho Seong-yoon, CEO of LABnPEOPLE Patch development using micro-invasive technology Launched cosmetic set at the end of last year A patch with better anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects than patch ointment will be released within this year "The microneedles (needles), which do not hurt even when stabbed, can effectively deliver cosmetic or pharmaceutical ingredients."

Seong-yoon Cho (43, photo), CEO of LABnPEOPLE, said, “We are focusing on improving the micro-invasive device and drug delivery function.” CEO Cho has been involved in the bio field for 20 years. Researched a technology that can better physically inject drugs without harming the human body. A bioabsorbable metal was made by appropriately combining magnesium, zinc, and calcium. This metal has passed the ISO10993 standard for determining biocompatibility such as cytotoxicity, skin reaction, and allergy. CEO Cho developed a bioabsorbable metal patch with hundreds of microneedles smaller than 100um (1um is 1/1000mm), the thickness of a human hair. Magnesium component metal is decomposed into hydrogen and magnesium ions when it meets moisture in the skin. That is why it is called a bioresorbable metal. Only mineral ions and hydrogen remain and are safe.

The microneedle patch is painless because the thin and soft needles pierce just before the skin layer with many nociceptive cells. The polymer patch does not penetrate the epidermis and does not deliver the drug properly. The stainless steel microneedle patch is high-strength and easily pierces the skin, but if the needle gets stuck in the epidermis, it can cause inflammation. When a microneedle filled with cosmetics or drugs penetrates the skin, the substance is injected into the passage through the tip of the needle. CEO Cho said, “As a result of conducting a clinical test by applying an ampoule with whitening and wrinkle-improving effects and attaching it under the eyes, skin elasticity, skin density, and skin thickness were improved.” It's all technology," he explained.

LABnPEOPLE uses this patch to carry out its cosmetics business. The cosmetics set, released in December of last year, consists of a patch, an ampoule exclusively for patches, and a mask pack. The patch shape and size are diversified to suit the purpose. The price is around 200,000 won. Monthly sales are 600,000 won. Overseas exports are also in progress. CEO Cho said, “There is a lot of room to use for skin care in the future, such as whitening, wrinkles, and acne,” and “we will continue to release functional products in the future.” A patch with better anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects than a patch or ointment is also planned to be released to the market this year. CEO Cho said, "I received advice from a pharmacist that if I applied anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substances to the microneedle patch with the feeling of being easily acupuncture, the consumer response would be good." Lab & People expects to raise sales of 3 billion won this year by selling cosmetics and anti-inflammatory and pain relief patches.

The global drug delivery market grew from $53.4 billion in 1997 to $462 billion in 2017, a ninefold increase. Interest in R&D has also increased, with more than 13,000 papers published annually. CEO Cho aims to inject drugs such as anticancer drugs with a microneedle patch. "If we attach a microneedle patch containing an anticancer drug to the lesion of a colorectal cancer patient, the medicinal effect will be enhanced," he said. "We want to go public in 2021 and establish a global platform for drug delivery devices by 2023." Reporter Yoo Lim

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