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LABnPEOPLE, 2022 PLMA and Cosmoprof Asia, etc.

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Magnesium microneedle patch company LABnPEOPLE (CEO Cho Seong-yoon) recently announced that it participated in the 2022 PLMA World Private Label Exhibition held in Chicago, USA, and the 2022 Cosmoprof Asia, the largest international beauty exhibition held in Singapore. LABnPEOPLE is a startup that specializes in research and development of microneedles using bioabsorbable metal and magnesium. According to the company, the magnesium patch that melts in the body is not only safe with the same ingredients as edible magnesium, but also penetrates more strongly than existing hyaluronic acid patches and shows excellent improvement effects on troubles, wrinkles, and pores. When attached, the magnesium needle decomposes in the skin. The high-purity magnesium stimulates the growth factor and delivers the main ingredients of the ampoule, such as anti-wrinkle cosmetics. In this process, magnesium ions strengthen the skin barrier performance, and hydrogen molecules promote antioxidant and anti-aging effects to help lift facial wrinkles. is the company description. CEO Cho Seong-yoon said, “At this international fair, we received a lot of attention from overseas buyers about our magnesium patch technology. . Reporter Lee Sang-hoon jianhs@yakup.com_Yakup Newspaper

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