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LABnPEOPLE, participates in KIMES 2022..."We will move forward as a leader in the medical industry

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

LABnPEOPLE (CEO Cho Seong-yoon) will participate in the 37th International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show 'KIMES 2022' held at COEX, Seoul from March 10th (Thu) to 13th (Sun) and introduce a magnesium micro needle. LABnPEOPLE is a start-up with solid technology that specializes in research and development of microneedles using bioabsorbable metal and magnesium, and has completed OEM product contracts with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

LABnPEOPLE microneedles are based on minimally invasive properties. It has strengths such as painlessness, ease of application to skin tissue, and stability. In particular, products that are used as cosmetic patches by injecting drugs into microneedles made of material that melts in the body can directly penetrate the drug ingredients deep into the skin, and can expect noticeable effects compared to general cosmetics.

As the magnesium needle is decomposed in the skin, high-purity magnesium stimulates growth factors to deliver the main ingredients of the ampoule, such as wrinkle-improving cosmetics. In this process, magnesium ions (Mg2+) strengthen the skin barrier performance, and hydrogen molecules (H2) promote antioxidant and anti-aging effects, helping to lift facial wrinkles. According to an official from LABnPEOPLE, it has excellent durability.

An official from LABnPEOPLE said, “‘Snow2 Plus,’ which was released through development over the past two years, has completed skin clinical and hypoallergenic tests and won numerous patents and citations from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.” We will expand R&D such as devices to produce more innovative products.” Correspondent Choi Sang-woon Source: AVING (

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