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The world’s first pioneer in the development and commercialization of bioactive magnesium microneedle technology for medical use

LABnPEOPLE, Inc. is a cutting-edge biomedical company
in the research and development of healthcare products based
on bioactive material containing indispensable minerals
in human nutrition.

​Company overview

A leading innovator specializing in the research and development of transdermal drug delivery, implant, and minimally invasive spine device by developing human-friendly material.

LAB n PEOPLE is the world’s first bio-venture company that has developed and successfully commercialized microneedle patch, which is a dissolve and biodegradable metal, founded in 2016.
70 patent applications and 26 registrations have been filed or granted by leading innovative R&D professionals who have experience in the orthopedic medical device market for more than 10 years.

LABnPEOPLE Corp. is focused on discovering and commercializing innovative products beyond the market not only the development of dissolvable drug delivery patches, collaborating with domestic and global hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device suppliers.

Date of
2016. 1
Management philosophy

Creating Value from Ideas through Innovative Technology


Delivering valuable life to customers with innovative products and services

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Sharing the wealth for our better life

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