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[Good! Choice Excellent Small and Medium Business] LABnPEOPLE 'Micro Needle Patch'

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

LABnPEOPLE (CEO Cho Seong-yoon) developed a 'micro needle patch' made of bioabsorbable metal that is smaller than 100㎛, the thickness of a human hair. The 'micro needle patch' incorporates a technology that can physically inject more drugs without harming the human body, and there is no pain because the thin and soft needle penetrates just before the skin layer with many pain cells. A microneedle containing cosmetics or drugs in a fine groove penetrates the skin and injects the substance through the passage through the tip of the needle.

LABnPEOPLE used this patch to launch a cosmetic set consisting of a patch, an ampoule exclusively for patches, and a mask pack. We diversify the shape and size of the patch to suit the purpose and export it. Seong-yoon Cho, CEO of LABnPEOPLE, said, “As a result of a clinical test in which an ampoule with whitening and wrinkle-improving effects was applied and attached under the eyes, skin elasticity, skin density, and skin thickness were improved.” It is a technique that captures both.” Daejeon = Reporter Yang Seung-min sm104y@etnews.com_Electronic Newspaper

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