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Bio startup LABnPEOPLE, advances into Japan with a magnesium microneedle patch

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Domestic bio startup (new venture company) LABnPEOPLE (CEO Seong-yoon Cho) announced on the 23rd that it had signed a contract to supply magnesium micro needle patches with a pharmaceutical company in Tokyo, Japan. Lab & People announced that its magnesium micro needle patches will be sold at Japanese duty-free shops and drugstores (a place that sells medicines and cosmetics that do not require a doctor's prescription) from around September at the earliest.

According to the company, the magnesium microneedle patch is a product with hundreds of needles smaller than 100㎛ (1㎛ is 1/1000mm), the thickness of a human hair. Because the thin and soft needle penetrates just before the skin layer where nociceptive cells are distributed, cosmetic ingredients are injected without pain. The company explains that there is no risk of inflammation because it is made of bioabsorbable metal.

Seong-yoon Cho, CEO of LABnPEOPLE, said, "The magnesium micro-needle patch delivers functional cosmetics through a passageway with a thin and soft needle tip." CEO Cho added, "We plan to expand our product line to skin diseases, burns, and healing wounds in the future." Correspondent Park Hae-sik and

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