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The story of the ‘special technology’ that penetrates skin-friendly ingredients into the skin

Interview with Seong-yoon Cho, CEO of Lab & People High molecular active ingredient, a long-standing concern in the beauty industry Development of products that penetrate deep into the skin After 2 years of research on "Overseas client's request opportunity" Grab both delivery efficiency and safety

For a long time, the beauty industry has been struggling to find a way to penetrate active ingredients that help improve skin into the dermis. This is because ingredients such as collagen for skin elasticity and hyaluronic acid, which help replenish moisture, have high molecular weight, so no matter how hard you apply it to the surface of the skin, it will continue to circulate unless special treatment is performed. Therefore, commercially available cosmetics have chosen to find extracts with relatively high skin absorption rates or to break down polymers. In dermatology and esthetic clinics, ultrasound and high-frequency equipment were used to inject the best ingredients into the skin.

However, the ‘Micro Needle Patch’, which was introduced in December of last year after two years of research by Lab & People, is attracting attention as a product that solves these problems that have been going on for decades. This product is manufactured by properly mixing high-purity magnesium used in implant procedures with trace amounts of metal elements such as zinc and calcium. When applied to the skin, thin and soft needles penetrate right up to the layer of skin with many nociceptive cells, so there is no pain and active ingredients. into the tip of the needle deeply. In addition, the magnesium used in the patch is decomposed into hydrogen and magnesium ions when it meets moisture in the skin, so it does not harm the human body at all. In addition, the decomposed ingredients have been confirmed to help with skin anti-aging. As it is an ingredient that goes into the skin, its safety was confirmed again by passing the ISO10993 standard that determines biocompatibility such as cytotoxicity, skin reaction, and allergy.

In particular, the magnesium component is effective in killing acne germs, so the effect can be confirmed immediately after detachment. The size is subdivided into a large size that can be applied to the forehead and nasolabial folds, and a small size that can be applied to troubled skin areas, so consumers have a wide range of choices. The 'Magnesium Micro Carrier - Multi Care Set', which was launched last June targeting the home care market, consists of a Bio Cellulose Mask Pack (4 packs), Magnesium Micro Carrier (8 patches, Micro Needle Patch), and Mineral Accelerating Daily Ampoule. This made it possible for consumers to easily take care of their skin over two weeks. Currently, it is purchased at department stores operated by Public Home Shopping and the official shopping mall of Lab & People. As it is a product that has not been on the market for a while, Lab & People explained that it will expand its online and offline sales network additionally.

Cho Seong-yoon (43, photo), CEO of Lab & People, said, “As a result of a clinical test in which an ampoule with whitening and wrinkle-improving effects was applied and attached under the eyes, skin elasticity, skin density, and skin thickness were improved.” is a technology that captures both delivery efficiency and safety.” In addition, CEO Cho said, “Existing polymer patches do not penetrate the epidermis and do not deliver the drug properly, and needle patches made of stainless steel can also easily pierce the skin, but there are concerns that infection may occur if the needle is incorrectly inserted into the epidermis.” “Our microneedle patch is a groundbreaking product that compensates for these limitations,” he added. Seoul Economic Daily Source:

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