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Introduction to Technology

New Material Development / Drug Delivery Device / Medical Device

The world's first commercialized magnesium microneedle patch containing bioactive material.

Technology Introduction

LABnPEOPLE Corp. established in 2016, developed bioabsorbable metal containing bioactive substances for drug delivery devices which commercialized the world's first magnesium-using microneedles.

We got patents on formulation technology that is the result of accumulated knowledge of mixing magnesium with other minerals and uniformly complicated microfabrication procedures in research and development (R&D) intensity. 
This technology has been commercialized as needle patch products, and clinical trials and licensing will continue to use it for drug delivery devices.


Based on our core original technology, magnesium in bioactive material is being commercialized into microneedles for drug delivery, lifting thread, and other healthcare products. And licensing and clinical trials are conducted independently or collaboratively by area.

Material Design
Quality Control
Phase comparison and research development of 19 types of materials
Established Human-Friendly Biomaterials Manufacturing Facility
Developed manufacturing technology for dissolving, chemical composition, and removing impurities 
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