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Company Business

Bioactive Material / Drug Delivery Device / Aesthetic Implant / Minimally Invasive Spine Device

We are developing healthcare products utilizing bioactive metal,
featuring exclusive dissolvable magnesium to cater to
valuable life.


Proprietary Bioactive Metal Technology

Manufacturing technology of the world's first bioabsorbable metal consisting of pure magnesium used in implant procedures and minerals such as zinc and calcium. 
It is ISO10993 certified as bioabsorbable and safe from cytotoxicity, skin reaction, and allergies. The magnesium component metal meets moisture in the skin, and it is decomposed into hydrogen and magnesium ions, so it is classified as a bioabsorbable and biodegradable metal.

Magnesium and zinc are biodegradable and naturally absorbing materials that make the skin barrier stronger, and when generating hydrogen during ionization, it brings skin rejuvenation and removes aging marks

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