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LAB N PEOPLE, Magnesium patch launched at Costco, USA

Lab & People's patch made of high-purity natural magnesium reacts with moisture in the body to show an antioxidant effect. Ⓒ Lab and People

Lab & People, a bio startup, announced on the 16th that it would launch its self-developed magnesium patch, 'Snow2 Plus Clear Skin Patch,' at Costco, a warehouse-type discount store in the US.< /span>

In a situation where the popularity of functional patches is rapidly increasing in the recent beauty industry, Lab & People manufactures patches with 99.9% ultra-high purity natural magnesium ingredients that release magnesium ions. are doing Magnesium patch reacts with moisture in the body to show an antioxidant effect.

Magnesium patches, which Lab & People introduced to domestic and foreign customers through partners such as Daewoong Pharmaceutical, VT Cosmetics, and Blank Corporation, have a fast soothing effect on Olive Young and various online channels. has been loved by customers.

Safety verified by the US GLP testing agency is also a factor in its popularity. In addition, through a human body test at Samsung Seoul Hospital, it penetrated more strongly than existing hyaluronic acid patches, proving its excellent improvement effect on acne, scars, wrinkles, and pores.

Lab & People completed 34 domestic and international patent registrations for the commercialization of magnesium patches, and introduced patch products that are excellent for improving skin troubles, wrinkles, pores, melasma, and hair loss. Currently, it is expanding research and development into implant materials for human body insertion and cutting-edge wearable battery materials. Based on GMP certified production facilities, it is possible to supply products that meet domestic and international standards through strict quality control.

An official from Lab & People said, "We are planning to enter the global market in earnest as we have completed the launch at Costco in the US and the registration of difficult European patents."

*Source - Beauty Nuri

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