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LABnPEOPLE, SNOW2PLUS 'AC Magnesium Needle Patch' expanded into Olive Young

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

LABnPEOPLE, SNOW2PLUS 'AC Magnesium Needle Patch' expanded into Olive Young

(G Valley News) Reporter Garam Kim = Snow2 Plus, a brand specializing in patches, announced on the 12th that it has additionally entered Olive Young stores as newly renewed products of three newly released AC Magnesium patches. The AC Magnesium Patch is a microneedle-shaped patch made entirely of 99% magnesium, and it can be attached to acne lesions to see improvement effects. Magnesium meets moisture in the skin to generate hydrogen to realize trouble care and antioxidant effects. The hydrocolloid band that can be attached to the face quickly absorbs exudate from the wound by creating a moist environment.

In addition, the three renewed AC magnesiums are customized products that can be used depending on the condition, from small pimples such as millet acne to purulent purulent troubles. As a result of conducting a human application test to evaluate the suitability of using the product for acne-prone skin, the company explained that all participants gave a positive evaluation of more than satisfactory in the trouble improvement effect category. How to use is simple. After washing your face, remove the protective film of the patch, attach it so that the needle part touches your skin, and remove it after 2 to 8 hours.

Cho Seong-yoon, CEO of LABnPEOPLE, which operates Snow2 Plus, said, “After entering Olive Young, we received a lot of love and expanded our presence as a product that considers customer convenience.” It has also been found to have a strengthening effect.” Meanwhile, LABnPEOPLE is a bio-startup that has been developing and manufacturing bioabsorbable metal implants and new microneedle materials for more than 17 years. It holds several patents on related technologies and is a baby unicorn company selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Recently, it signed a technology agreement with Japanese beauty brand Shiseido to secure an overseas distribution channel. Reporter Garam Kim Source: G Valley (

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